{ Bases }

- All these bases were made pixel by pixel (some toolshaded) by me.
-They are free for use, but take care of keep my rules, they are so important in the dolling community!
- Some of them were traced from images from stocks, anime, ball jointed dolls or illustrations, (with their proper credit below), these images may be used by other people aswell. For this reason, any resemblance to bases on any other sites not credited is just a coincidence.

Before you use any my bases, props, palettes... make sure you have read and agreed to the terms of use.


** If you use my bases please, be polite and write something in the tagboard. I love see dolls made with my bases.
***If I find any adoptable doll that I like made with my bases I'll adopt it!! ^_^


I saw many sites that not fulfilment my base rules. Take a time reading them.

I'm tired of see always "unknown base" and similars. If I see that the problems continue I'll keep them for personal use.








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