[ F.A.Q. ]


Since when do you dolling?
Since August 2005

Did you study in a Art school ?
I never studied in an Art school, I'm teacher. I learned all by my own..


Do you take doll "orders"?
Yes! I'm opened with personal and professional projects. I work only with my bases, if you are interested contact me.

Is it possible for me to use your works for the layout of my personnal websites ?
No, in any way except with my agreement.

I sent an email but I didn't received any answer...?
I answer all the emails which I receive even if, if sometimes that takes a little time. So unfortunately I forgot to answer your message, thank you to send it again to me. If your email response in this FAQ then you can find it here.


Can we be sister sites?
I have no time for this, sorry.


Can I do a link exchange with you?
Yes, only fill the form in Links section. You must link back to me too, when I see my banner I put yours in my site.


What programs do you use to make your layout?
Frontpage, Notepad ++, Adobe Photoshop.


What programs do you use to create your graphics?
Adobe Photoshop.


Can I use your web graphics (divisor bars, menu items, etc) in my website?
Sorry, but no. This is elements that take part of LTnnOg. I spent a lot of time for desing this web, and their graphics. All is original and made by me. Take your time for learn to do your own graphics ;)


Can I put link back to Legendario Tir na n'Og in my website?
Of course!! I have a lot of banners for you choose that you like.


You may inform me about updates in the site, galleries, ect?
Of course, sign up in my newsletter or RSS feed.


You have some tutorials?
Yes! Look HERE


[ Dolls ]


Can I edit one of your dolls?
NO. Read the Rules.


May I adopt your dolls?
Only the adoptable dolls, marked with a . The dolls with are only adoptable under special permission. Dolls marked with are not adoptable in any circunstances.

But please link them back to my website. For more info & conditions, please, read carafully the Rules.


Can I use one of your dolls as a signature tag/avatar?
NO you can't. Unless it's a request doll that I made specifically for you.


May I use your dolls for my RPGs, fanfics, stories or for other characters?
No, please don't. Less if they are my original novel characters.


I don't find a base credit in your gallery...
I don't put base credits to my own bases. If a doll not made with my bases has not any credit it's because the site is closed or moved (o I forgot).


[ Bases ]


Can I alter your bases?
Read carefully the Rules.


May I use your bases for a tutorial or dollmaker?
Only for tutorials, just give me a visible and linkable credit for the base.


May I use your bases for dolls in my weblayout?
Yes, you may, just give me visible credit for the base with a linkable link on the same page. If you consider it appropiate, also can credit me in a accesible credit page, it means, not more of 2 clicks for access to the credit!


Can I edit your bases with mermaid tail, edit ears or something similar?
These edits are allowed, but not claim the base as your own after edit it!

Read the Rules, there I wrote all the allowed edits in my bases!


How I must credit your base?
With a linkable text near the doll (normally under it) or a linkable banner.
Also, if you use continuosly my bases you MUST put my link in your links section.
It's only for courtesy: you used my work, half part of your doll (and commonly the most important) was made by me.


[ Contests ]


I need to have a homepage to enter your contests?
I isn't necessary but in other dollsites they have been incidents where people have entered another person's doll. Thereare, it's easier for my determine if the doll is true to its owner when that person has a dollsite. In my contest you may give your email adress (if you don't have website, it is for give you credit) or your DeviantArt account or other account of this style ;)


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