[ Terms of Use ]


My rules are the basics of all the dollers, I hope you respect them:


Images and graphics

► All graphics on this site are copyrighted, so you may not take, alter or use any material from this site without written permission!!
► Do not direct link images,dolls or banners from this site. Save them into your own server.

► My gifts  are not adoptables, they were done specially for a person, if you want a gift mine you have to be my friend.

► My web graphics are not adoptables.

► If you are inspired by some doll from my gallery, you must give me credit to my site (Inspired by Monica NG Art), and linking back to www.tirnanog.esp.st! Tell me this in the Tagboard will be also very polite.
► You will make me very happy if you put a link back to my site in your website. You can link to http://monicang.com.  You can use some one of the banners I made for you in the links section. Also tell me this in the Tagboard, I will visit your site and maybe link you back!


Dolls & Pixels:

► Do not in any way or form alter any pixel in them. (this include resize, recoloring, and other edits)
► Do not claim them as your own. A lot of people know my art!

►You can't take my ideas and use them for your dolls or illustrations (original dresses and designs), without give me a visible credit (Inspired by Monica NG Art), not in "alt", some browsers can't see them.
► Do not use them like avatar, signature, such as website layouts, or some kind of graphic, unless I have given you permission or it has exclusively done for you.

► Do not use my dolls for characters in RPGs, stories, FanFic or forums without permission. And less being the my novels characters!

► Do not remove or change my copyright, because is stealing and this is punished by law.
► Don't do frankendolling*!  (*use parts from mydolls and put them on your own dolls)
► Do not take them for personal or commercial use without my permission.

Bases & props:

You are welcome to save my bases and make your own dolls with them. But follow the terms:


You must:

► Give a visible credit link to www.pixel.monicang.com near the doll (under or over it). No in credits page. This is not negotiable.

► For base edit contests, remember that you must link back and ask me first.


You may:

►Recolor it and mirror them.

►Do small cosmetic changes like eye colour, ears (elf, mermaid, cat, etc.) or makeup. 

►Make small edits of the pose like small arm o feet edits. Just don't create a whole new base.

►Publish your creations made on them on forums or personal websites. Always giving credit.

►Send me a edited base, with your name and website url and I'll put it in my site with the edit credits.

However, you can't:

► You do not claim them like yours.

► Alter them (the edits premitted before, are ok, remember) or make new bases or props with them. No resize, facelifts, franken or plagiarism of ANY kind.

► Make edits for continued use, like editing eyes, mouths or poses (except selected edits displayed and credited on my bases pages).

► Use my faces in other bases or changue their faces for others.

► Provide them in your website, or redistribute in any way without permission.

► Use them to make dollmakers.

Use my bases for earn money! You can make dolls with them for forum orders, but you can't earn "real" money from them! Use your own work!




► You may only adopt adoptable dolls with the sign.

► If you want to adopt any doll with sign you MUST email me asking for permission. I often do my consent, the reason is that I need to have a list with the adoptions of my characters. If you don't follow this you're breaking my copyright rules.

► If you adopt a doll, upload it  to your own server and give credits link back them to my site, putting one of my banners or a text link near the creation.

►The works with sign are NOT for adoption.


► Don't hesitate in contact me for any question, sugestions, tips and whatelse you want, please.

Thanks so much for read my rules!!

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