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I don't have many rules, but I wait for you respect them:
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No tengo muchas reglas, pero espero que las respeteis:

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Simbols for dolls & pixels: (Descriptions over the images. Sometimes you can't read them until complete load the whole page)

= Base used and prop credits (if not mine)

= Adoptable

= Adoptable under special permission.

= Not for adoption.

= This doll won one or more awards


{ My Original Characters }

Dolls inspired by the characters from my novels, tales, comics, and others stories.

These are the only section that ALL THE DOLLS ARE NOT ADOPTABLE unless you has an special permission from me. All the characters and their stories are registered and copyrighted to me. If you like know more about them, visit the Library section. Also, read the FAQ and TOU

La Gema de Deneb
Iris, la Reina de la Ciudad Dorada
Alexandra Pyxis
El Orculo de la Luna
El Refugio
Tales from Tir na n'Og
Arundars / Arundiers
Eyes of Jewels
Miserere's Chant
Other stories

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{ Themed Dolls }

Fantasy & Folklore

Greece & Rome
Egypt & Mesopotamia

Goth & Horror

{ Others }

Prep & Sprites

Gifts I gave

My bases

{ FanArt }

Book & Movie
Comics / Manga / Anime

{ From Guests }


Dolls made with my bases

Special Gifts

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