Hair Tutorial 2 – Long silver hair

You must read before this tutorial.

Date: 2006

How make hair: Fantasy; Long and Silvery

palette used

Just like the last tutorial. We create a layer called  “hair”. Now as we want that the hair seems smooth, we drew it falling smoothly by the face, the chest and the back. Look that this time we will not make the symmetrical hairdo of before.

We outlined the hair in the same way that we have done it before ^^

Now, with the selected layer (for not to have pixels out of the hair) we drew with the tool brush :pencil: 1px the waves of the hair. We want that he is smooth and a little waved while it falls. For that reason the curves more will be opened and ample, to only give to the hair the sensation of movement and naturalness. (see red arrows)

Now we shaded the hair with the tool burn . We will leave to the front both tufts that will fall on the chest, separating them with the shades of which they go by the back.

Now we will give the brightness with the tool dodge, to a pixel, following the scheme of the drawing: the green one, to a 10%, and the red one to a 40%. Remember that the gray color is for itself a lighter color and we could burn the drawing if the percentage is upper.

This one is the final result. The hair has been smooth and with a metallic brightness.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful ^ ^. If you like and follow it, do not hesitate in link it, so other people also can visit! :)