Hair tutorial 1 – BASIC

Date: 2006

How make hair: Short and wave. Basic level

We are going to make this waved short and symmetrical hair and in static position in less than 10 steps ^^ is not spectacular, but it will help us to understand the basic aspects of the lights and the shades.

We will use this palette of two colors ^^

First, we create a new layer called “Hair” (or as your you want) and drew the space that the hair would occupy  with color 1, the clearest. We will draw it with a few waves so that they give it more volume.

Second step: to review the outline. In order to do it easiest, if you have photoshop it is to use the option Outline. (Below)
We will outline it with the option “inside” with color 2 (darkest) to a thickness of 1 px. Now we go to the third step.

We selected with the magic wand and later Ctrl+I, or look for the layer “Hair” and right button “Select transparency of layer” With this we will avoid not to leave to us was in the following step, thing that stops to the transparent pixels and makea possible animation will come to us wonder:)

With the color, nº2 selected, with the brush tool with a pixel of thickness and an opacity of the 100% With the brush we are drawing the waves of the hair following the form that we have drawn.

Now with the burning tool  to a thickness of 7 px, with “halftone rank” on 30%, we give light  touchs by the zones where it must have shades, the later part of the neck and the superior part of the head.

Now they touch the brightness. With the tool hightlight , to 1 pixel in the rank of “Illuminations”, on a 20%. First we will follow the outline marked by the red arrows. Thus we will obtain a more tenuous reflection. In order to obtain the brightness of the clean and silky hair (style that I attribute to myself wijiji because it seems that this “is bad”) with the same tool to 80% we make a fast outline by the zone where we want more brightness (green color).

Now, we give Layer> duplicate layer, with which we obtained another equal layer to the one of “Hair”. We flip it Edit> Transform> Flip. Already we have the whole head with hair!

Now we add with the pencil a few strokes just a little bit to give her more of realism and self-assured aspect…

We smoothed  a little the lines with the finger tool and ready! we already have hair!

These are the steps that we have followed…

I hope this tutorial has been helpful ^ ^. If you like and follow it, do not hesitate in link it, so other people also can visit! :)