Date: 2006

Long black hair

Now I will try to explain how to shade the black hair, in this case the smooth and long hair of Jade ^^. Well, a black hair musn’t have brightness in excess, single the fundamental thing, and he is the one that is going to give aspect to it of clean, healthful and brilliant. In order to paint the black hair I have been based on a color base of dark gray, and after I have marked the lines with a pure black color. In order to apply the brightness we use the dodge tool , at first on a 20% in the rank of “shades” so that it affects more to the dark color. After this we applied to a fine line with the same tool in the rank “illuminations” on 50% (remember that it is a dark color and illuminations affects more to the lighter colors) we already have given a touch of brightness to a dark hair.

Red Hair

How many times you have ask yourself how to give brightness to a red hair? Probably none, but some of my characters, like Arinna, have their hair of that unusual color:) And the truth is that to obtain a brightness that is not off-white, but orange, it is necessary to make a small trick that I explain next: First, it is necessary to give first I touch of always with hightlights with the “Halftone” rank on 40% and the small final touch with the brightness more hard, with the rank in “Illuminations” to the 70/80%.

Long floating tentacles

In order to make a subtle and long hair floating, like this one, of princess Otohime, submerged under the sea, we must consider two things: first the gravity, and second the force that exerts the water against the gravity, that is to say, that the hair will never fall like outside the water, but that it will accompany to the movement by doll underneath the water. Also you must consider that the water usually it has currents, as if outside the air outside her. that is what it gives movement him to the hair. Look that the hair must fall in long locks (here like tentacles), following curves very open, falling smoothly downwards and simply remaining afloat It draws to part of the long locks a few loose hairs, it will give more naturalness to the hair.

Long hair, curly and dark!

How make a hair very long and curling, like the one of this exotic woman? Although this one doll is inspired of an illustration, to my I like to above do the curly hair beginning to be smooth from the hair base. In order to make a hair that seems very curling , the secret is in: to draw up a contour with many hollows, with the tool pencil , (this is very easy to obtain and enough express becomes) and how we make the waves with the brush. In this case very they will be tightened and with very small and cleared waves. We will shade it next with the burn tool and next we will add the rigor brightness, in very small amount, and in the zone of the curls, we will give a pair of I touch with hightlights . And ready! we have a curly hair.

Long wavy fantasy hair

How falls a long and wavy hair? Mainly it follows the direction of the gravity (obvious) falling the long waves like those of the drawing.

But how falls by the back? Normally the waved hair usually separates in long locks, that usually fall by the back like in the drawing, downwards falling and by the inclination of the back in diagonal (the green arrows they would indicate the direction of which would go the hair, not necessarily the gravity).

How we must give the brightness him in this case? Then more or less like in the drawing, in the zones where it marks the yellow color, with the technique that we have followed previously.

Braids and Gathereds

Here I have extended the details of braids of this warrior. Look the details of the lights and shades and how the bulkiest part of the braid shines only. Lines red dark: brightness 20%, clearer lines, 50%. It remembers: you cannot make the braid as if were small hearts, it has ear form, each lock is interlaced with the previous one.

Now we analyze a hairdo gathered backwards, like this gathered. Following the red arrows , we will make the lines of the hairdo upwards, with curved form to give it some volume. A few loose locks will help to the hair for not look so insipid -_-

Frozen hair

In order to make a hair that gives a frozen sensation, the only thing that you must do is to draw it straight, as if they were to esquir of ice. I have taken for this hair a bluish color,of that I have given brightness with hightlights with a very high value, following the green arrow. The intention with this is that of the sensation of which is done of ice, that he is almost translucent. In order to draw the hair, always have in account the gravity, in this case the hair will fall downwards straight, as if it weighed very many to be able to curl.

Manga Style

This one is one of dolls that initiated my “new style” of dolling, that he is the one that I am been explaining (or trying to explain -_-) throughout this tutorial. What it makes different from the others is the exaggeration, at the time of putting the highlights , to 80% or more, thus to arrive until burning a little the drawing. Thus we will be able to obtain a hair with a brightness “similar” to the one of these drawings. Recommended to make it in bases type manga/anime (logical -_-), chibi…
The base I used  was made by the wonderful quinqui :3

Angel to demon: Changing the colors

In a single step we can change to the color of the hair of our doll, to a surprising and brilliant color. I have chosen for the example from an angelical blonde to a demonic red flaming one. It is very easy. As you can see, the pencil or the brush has that great fan of options (it has more, but I have cut them). Each one makes an effect, but most showy they are to superpose, color, smooth light and tone. Mainly for the hair, although it is good for experimenting with all the options.

Well, in order to change the color of the hair we selected the layer and in Layer>Layer style>Overlay, we choose the wished effect. I this time have chosen to superpose the black color, what it has given rise that red one, as it leaves in the mixture colors ^^

I hope this tutorial has been helpful ^ ^. If you like and follow it, do not hesitate in link it, so other people also can visit! :)