My rules are the basics of all the dollers, I hope you respect them:

Images and graphics

  • All graphics on this site are copyrighted, so you may not take, alter or use any material from this site without written permission!!
  • Do not direct link images,dolls or banners from this site. Save them into your own server.
  • My gifts are not adoptables, they were done specially for a person, if you want a gift mine you have to be my friend.
  • My web graphics are not adoptables.
  • If you are inspired by some doll from my gallery, you must give me credit to my site (Inspired by © Monica NG Art), and linking back to! Tell me this in the Tagboard will be also very polite.
  • You will make me very happy if you put a link back to my site in your website. You can link to You can use some one of the banners I made for you in the link section. Also tell me this in the Tagboard, I will visit your site and maybe link you back!

Dolls & Pixels:

  • Do not in any way or form alter any pixel in them. (this include resize, recoloring, and other edits)
  • Do not claim them as your own. A lot of people know my pixelart!
  • You can’t take my ideas and use them for your dolls or illustrations (original dresses and designs), without give me a visible credit (Inspired by © Monica NG Art), not in “alt”, some browsers can’t see them.
  • Do not use them like avatar, signature, such as website layouts, or some kind of graphic, unless I have given you permission or it has exclusively done for you.
  • Do not use my dolls for characters in RPGs, stories, FanFic or forums without permission. And less being the my novels characters!
  • Do not remove or change my copyright, because is stealing and this is punished by law.
  • Don’t do frankendolling*! (*use parts from mydolls and put them on your own dolls)
  • Do not take them for personal or commercial use without my permission.

Bases & props:

You are welcome to save my bases and make your own dolls with them. But follow the terms:

You must:
  • Give a visible credit link to near the doll (under or over it). No in credits page. This is not negotiable.
  • For base edit contests, remember that you must link back and ask me first.
You may:


  • Recolor it and mirror them.
  • Do small cosmetic changes like eye colour, ears (elf, mermaid, cat, etc.) or makeup.
  • Make small edits of the pose like small arm o feet edits. Just don’t create a whole new base.
  • Publish your creations made on them on forums or personal websites. Always giving credit.
  • Send me a edited base, with your name and website url and I’ll put it in my site with the edit credits.
However, you can’t
  • You do not claim them like yours.
  • Alter them (the edits premitted before, are ok, remember) or make new bases or props with them. No resize, facelifts, franken or plagiarism of ANY kind.
  • Make edits for continued use, like editing eyes, mouths or poses (except selected edits displayed and credited on my bases pages).
  • Use my faces in other bases or changue their faces for others.
  • Provide them in your website, or redistribute in any way without permission.
  • Use them to make dollmakers.
  • Use my bases for earn money! You can make dolls with them for forum orders, but you can’t earn “real” money from them! Use your own work!


  • You may only adopt adoptable dolls with the sign.
  • If you want to adopt any doll with sign you MUST email me asking for permission. I often do my consent, the reason is that I need to have a list with the adoptions of my characters. If you don’t follow this you’re breaking my copyright rules.
  • If you adopt a doll, upload it to your own server and give credits link back them to my site, putting one of my banners or a text link near the creation.
  • The works with sign are NOT for adoption.
  • Don’t hesitate in contact me for any question, sugestions, tips and whatelse you want, please.

Thanks so much for read my rules!!