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Magna Mater

I started dolling the last round entry for TMP [link] “Another place” as a Norse vision of Inanna as Freya. But when I added the lions, (not cats)… I got… Cibeles (or Magna Mater)!
If you do a little research, many love/war goddess had the same atributes and myths in ancient cultures. So, finally Inanna was dressed as her greek-roman vision: Cibeles/Magna Mater. voila!

I took several references for the lions and chariot, mostly from the statue in Madrid, real lions and other Cibeles and Freya depictions (I chose a war chariot with 2 wheels). I have also seen the HBO “Rome” (lol) while I was dolling her :3
And… Fur is fun to do! But I don’t like so much the lioness -_-