Inanna – Morning Star

I chose the goddess Inanna (also known as Ishtar or Astarte and many other names), queen of heaven, goddess of sexual love, fertility and war.

I spent a lot of time researching for make a good dress for her (rules of contest don’t let me make her naked, but this was not my idea, I wanted a dress), inspired by the murals and rests with her image. I also focused in her role as the morning star, her sybol is the an eight-pointed star or a rosette, you can see on both versions. In the fullbody doll you can see her with all her glory (and more war-like dress) and some atributes, a horned headress, the lions (they look horrible, but they are inspired by sumerian art, make realistic lions is boring! [link] ), the knot…

And… My entry for the mythology pageant. [link]

Bases used: both my own, Equidna for fullbody and Venux for portrait (modified) wings, and mini-lions, hand painted by me :3

The doll is better in a dark background, like the contest site. I had no time for dolling anything better for the contest, I have a very important exam soon!!! >__<

If you’re interested, you have here:
The wiki entry for Inanna [link]
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A video with the queen Shub-ad/Puabi headress. [link]