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Mistress of Time

[lang_es]El Reloj de Arena, el tercer ojo, el trono de piedra, las rosas, el complicado peinado… Diversas ideas y elementos reunidos para representar a la Señora del Tiempo.

Esta doll obtuvo un Daily deviation en Deviantart.[/lang_es][lang_en]A very old idea came to me for my new layout, a Mistress of Time, with some elements like sand glasses, roses, blood red, gold…
I love work dresses with blood red and golden ^ô^

She has some symbols from my vampire characters, the appearance of Lucretia, with the necklace she will gave to her child, Cassandra… the third eye is a crazy idea I had in class… XxX no words oºo

This doll won a Daily deviation in Deviantart.[/lang_en]

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