Embroidery Tutorial

Date: 2006

{ Embroidery Tutorial }

  We are going to do this embroidered skirt.

With the dress already finished, it creates a new layer called: “gold”. (or as your you want :p) The dress must not have much detail; we will give it better the brightness with the gold embroidering ^^

Select the outside of the skirt with the magic wand. Thus we will avoid to leave to us was and that.GIF is bad, when we draw the reason ^^

  I have made this design. I have copied it outside so that you prune to appreciate the details. As the doll is celtic-fantastic inspiration, we are going to draw some flowers, leaves, a detail of a moon, some triskel and a small dragon.

For it we will use the paintbrush. Thickness: 1px, opacity: 100% We are going to try with it that to us is stumped, in order to give it more realism.

  Now you can see the motive on the skirt ^^

We are going to come to shade the embroidering, with the burn tool
We are going away to guide with the shade of you fold them of the skirt. Remember: not to leave it very dark so that the embroidering is not lost absolutely.
For you fold them we will use first shaded with the “halftone” rank

Exp: 60%

For the brightness we will use the dodge tool.
In rank “Iluminations”. It remembers, this rank is the one that there is to use to give the brightness to gold.

Exp: 70%
To that now it seems that has volume? :)

With the same technique this time we make tattoos on the skin with blue color. This time we put the drawing with a 40% opacity

(optional) Now, of optional way, we can add and bit of blood to the skirt, with paintbrush tool and a dark garnet color, little by little, with an opacity of 12% and every time paint the brush more superficially, so that it seems that it is dripping :p

 yay! we finished the doll!!!!

Now an advice: this that I have explained to you is useful with the golden one, but for the silver one you must be more careful. Mainly if it is in pale  bottom or you will lose the drawing:)

Look other dolls with following this technique. You can use all the colors that you want.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful ^ ^. If you like and follow it, do not hesitate in link it, so other people also can visit! :)