El Refugio

Inspired by my novel The Refuge. The Masters of Magic have been killed, and some of their aprentices are searching the truth.

ALL THE DOLLS ARE NOT ADOPTABLE unless you has an special permission from me. All the characters and their stories are registered and copyrighted to me. If you like know more about them, visit my main site. Also, read the FAQ and RULES

Assiusna Endeka

Assiusna Endeka, Master of Light Order. She’s keltoi (in the story a race of shape-shifters) and turns into a white tiger.

I don’t like so much this doll, first because I suck dolling old people, and also it’s a lot of white that it’s a pain to shade D:

Assiusna Endeka | 14 May 2011 | El Refugio | Media: | Tags: ,

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